End-of-Summer Funland

It's September and time for those end-of-summer adventures!  There are so many things to do here in Thimble World...

Welcome to Funland!

Lots of camping...

Chillin' in a hammock by the camper...

Wishing well and hiking in the hills.  The foot bridge crosses the rocks leading up...

4-wheel quad riding at the top...

Visit the Crab Shack for some great seafood.  Plenty of seating outside-behind the restaurant and beside it.

Take in the view of the lake.  Maybe build a sand castle like this one on the beach.

Check out the town around the lake...

Lakefront food and fun!

Camping away from it all...

Maybe visit a plantation... 

The tunneling arched trees are breath-taking...

Maybe head out to an observatory to see the stars... 

Or, just head into the remote wilderness.  Fly in by water-plane.  Stay in a secluded cabin.  Enjoy the waterfall and trees...and quite.

Maybe you want SOME seclusion but still want the amenities.  Get a room at a hideaway hotel.

Enjoy those end-of-summer adventures!

It's Fair Time!

It's that time of year again. Yup. Greasy, fatty foods and super sugary confections. It's FAIR TIME!

Welcome to my Carnival Fair. You can toss coins into the wishing well before you enter.

The fair is in full swing...

New addition: The miniature train ride.  One is cresting the hill while the other is heading in for the climb. 

The rodeo.

A paddle wheel  boat ride cruises around an island with a castle rising majestically from the center. Another boat enters the lake from a tunnel. 

In the back is the Elephant and Castle nestled along the shore of the lake with a castle in its middle. I can imagine it being the stop for the paddlewheel boat.

The train chugs into place outside the fair...

And opens up to reveal the shows on board.

Clowns dance inside the big top while fireworks sparkle in the sky. An elephant waits to do a show.

In just a couple weeks, the remake of Stephen King's "It" hits theaters. I'm glad my clown on the "mountain" has a happy face.

Enjoy the fair!

'Merica Month 2017

It's America Month!  The Fourth of July is only the beginning of a celebration of America!

Lady Liberty stands watch over the land.

Fireworks put her in lovely silhouette.

Houses all decorated in patriotic decor.

A truly all-American home with a big swimming pool.

The fireworks stand is open for business! One guy is lighting his off right there!

American symbols:  Betsy Ross house, the Liberty Bell (and American Eagle), and the Alamo.

This homeowner rests at his picnic table while his dog runs around.

A couple cuddle at their picnic table.

The flag rises from the island in the water while two red, white, and blue boats navigate around it.

The train even shows its patriotism with red, white, and blue cars.

Our nation's capital--the heart of America!

The Declaration of Independence...the cornerstone of America.

Great American accomplishments:  First man on the moon, July 1969

First lunar vehicle July 1971

America Month continues...

The fireworks stand is closed for another year.

But, lights and stars still illuminate the night.

And, Lady Liberty still stands proud!

A long time ago in a state far, far away...

A long time ago in a state far, far away, a little girl and her family saw something appear over the house.

For UFO month, I thought I would make a thimble representative of what I saw when I was only 4 years old.  And, I think I should share my story here for UFO month as well.

As I said, I was 4.  I lived with my grandparents, and we had just moved to a new house in the suburbs outside a small city in Ohio.  Some members of family came one day to see the new house and catch up with my grandparents.

We had a huge wonderful meal and afterward, everyone sat around chatting.  The ladies were gathered around the table in the dining room.  The men and kids (including me) were in the living room watching TV.  The house was warm from all the cooking as the cool spring day fell to evening.  I sat on the floor staring at the television.  My grandfather relaxed in his recliner.  The guests sat around on the sofa and extra chair.  Grandma's chair remained empty...awaiting her.  No one was allowed to sit in her chair.  Not even me.  So, I sat on the floor.  As the evening darkened, drowsiness weighed heavy on my eyelids and I glanced at the clock.  The big hand was approaching the 12 and the little hand was on the 8.  I stretched out and soon fell asleep on the floor.

Something woke me.  I don't know what, but when I opened my eyes, I realized I was spread across my grandmother's chair...as if someone had picked me up and laid me across the arms.  I sat up quickly, afraid I would get into trouble.  I looked around.  Everyone in the living room was sound asleep.  The TV off.  The big hand on the clock was still almost on the 12, but the little hand was on the 11.

I got up and went to the dining room.  There, I found all the women still sitting around the table--but they all had their heads on their arms on the table, and sleeping.  As I walked around the table, I looked at each woman.  I remember their heads all turned the same direction.  I continued to my grandmother and shook her arm.  She didn't wake up.  I shook her harder and called, "Grandma!"

She sucked in a breath and raised her head.  Groggy, she gazed at me.  I pointed to the other women.

"Everyone's asleep," I said.

Grandma looked around at them.  I remember her glancing at the clock and saying, "Oh my."

She got up and started waking everyone.  All were surprised.  I heard them saying how odd that they had all fell asleep like that.  But, the consensus was that they were all full from the food and the house was so warm, so they all just fell asleep.

The visiting family members hustled to leave.  They had plans for the next day and needed to load up and go.  They had planned to be on the road a couple hours ago...

We all went outside.  They had parked in the driveway at the front of the house instead of going on toward the back.  We all made our way out the sidewalk to their car.  Grandma and I stood at the end of the sidewalk as the others said their goodbyes at their car.

Then, there was a hum.  To this day, the only sound that comes close to it is the hum from electric lines at the transmission towers.  No crackles, just that hum.  And, that is not exact.  That's just the closest thing to it.

The hum.  Then it appeared over the rooftop.

Someone yelled, "It's a UFO!"

I swung around to see and caught a glimpse of a dark, round object over the house.  My grandmother pulled my face into her hip and shushed everyone.  I struggled to see, twisting my head around and prying at her fingers.  She kept shushing everyone and pointing at me.

"What's a UFO?" I asked.

"It's a strange airplane," my grandmother told me.

But, through her fingers, I could see that this was no airplane.  Slowly, the round craft moved over the neighborhood.  A couple houses away, a light came on underneath it, as if it switched on a searchlight and was seeking something.

We all stood there, watching this thing slowly drift away, lighting up the ground beneath it and the big hill ahead.  As suddenly as it appeared, it disappeared.

I've never forgot that craft.  It took me a long time to find a picture or an image of what I saw that night.  I finally did, but it was for one of the biggest UFO encounters EVER.

The Portage County, Ohio, UFO chase (by law enforcement officers) of April 1966.

If you look closely at the photo, you can see a faint outline of something coming from under the craft.  I think this is light.  Nevertheless, this is what I saw.  I don't know if it was the same craft or even that same night, but this is exactly what I saw.

So, since I've made so many other UFOs, I decided I should make the one I actually witnessed.
The house is not a replica of the one I lived in at the time, not even close.  But, the UFO is.

And, just for giggles and grins, I decided to make another UFO that made it into news--although there are no photos or even proof of it's authenticity at all. 
The cow abduction.
The "beam" is actually a clear, glass thimble.  Gotta keep it real, right?  It's all about the thimbles.

I hope you've enjoyed my story.  Hopefully, you are still sitting where you were to begin with.