Armed Forces 2018

Armed Forces month is at the ready this May 2018!

The American Legion proudly stands firm with its four pillars.

Land of the Free, Home of the Brave.  We proudly support our troops!

Always honor and never forget our fallen and missing!

The fort stands guard on the shoreline...

...and Lady Liberty lights the way.

The White House.

The train displays America's colors and a flag waves from atop the engine.
The tag to watch for...

And as for the other display (I've named it "Covington" for now) is made up of apartments of the poor.  There's a reason for this display during Armed Forces month.  Studies show that the majority of our soldiers come from disadvantaged homes.  I thought this would be a reminder of where those who protect our country come from.  It is NOT meant to offend--it's just to make you think.

MAY 19 (Armed Forces Day) and MAY 28 (Memorial Day).

April Showers...

April has been rather gloomy here in the PNW, but Spring has sprung in Thimble World!
 There's so much color! The trees are blooming turning green.  The ivy comes alive on the homes.  Bicycles and motorcycles are prevalent.

Spring colors are everywhere!

The greenhouse is open and ready for the new planting season.

More colorful homes...

A beautiful Japanese pagoda sits in a lake.

The pagoda is surrounded by lovely, fragrant blooms.

A calming park area with a wishing well.
Behind the gazebo is The Aviary.  A coop of birds is behind the entrance.

The lake already has boaters--those eager to get out of the house.  A lighthouse shines the shoreline.  In case you don't recognize it (which I'm hoping you didn't), this is the lake from Easter.  Some grass and different layout conceals its uses.

People heading out with the top down under an arch of trees.

The arch of trees covers the driveway to the plantation.

Not far from the plantation is another museum.  In the back is a gazebo on a lake.  See the lovers dancing inside?

In case anyone is keeping track, this month's extra Thimble display consists of lovely, shaped Tudor house thimbles. 

The colors and designs of the homes reflect a springtime glee.

April showers bring May flowers.  See you next month!

Easter's on its way!

With Easter only a week away, it was time to get photos up of the "egg"-stravaganza!

The Easter colors light up Thimble World!

The ducky paddles around the new pond.

Oh, the colorful village!

New addition to the neighborhood (you may have seen it at Christmas).

Easter colors around one corner...

More colors around another.  Seems "Peter Rabbit" is watering flowers...

A coastal egg dangles from an Easter "tree" with Easter eggs below.

The "rugged cross" sits atop the hill.

The Easter peep has hatched!


Oh, the Green of March!

Spring is in the air and green is everywhere this March! Get ready for St. Patrick's Day!

So many clovers in this Irish village...

The train carries gold and clover.

A rainbow lights the way to a pot of gold. But look! There's another pot hidin'.

A castle sits on the hilltop, but snuggled away is another, bigger castle!

Yet another castle sits outside the village.

And, in the mountains lies another castle amid the clouds...
I've added some clover lights above.

And let's not forget the new display.  They're the Pub Houses for this March.  A stein sits in the middle of the village.

Oh, and get ready for more in March...Easter's on its way!

February Fondness for 2018

With Valentine's Day mid-month, Thimble World takes on a particular fondness of heart(s)...

The new heart-shaped "lake" adds to the 'love'-ly feeling.

Happy Valentine's Day!

New February Village

As promised, a new Thimble Village has arrived for February!  Here is Thimble Cottages Village.

Each house has a unique cottage type roof--even the Oak Tree Farm house with many "oak trees" behind the house.

A perfect layout...

March will be fun!