Christmas 2015 in Thimble World

For a couple years, I have wanted to do something different with the Christmas Thimble World.  I thought I had a great plan for this year. My idea was to go UP by integrating another "mountain." I purchased another mountain fountain to use. Well, as it turns out, my upward plan ended up being needed more than I could have imagined.

I got a puppy. His name is Ricky. And, he likes to chew things. So, hubby and I decided to NOT put up our expensive artificial tree because if Ricky decided to snack on it, he could easily destroy the tree due to the integrated lights. So, I went small on things and this left Thimble World seriously downsized. Going upward and cutting back were my only options. I definitely got change!

My usual table stayed in its year-round place by the main window. I couldn't add the tables to the sides. This left Thimble World greatly reduced.

The tree that is always in the center is still there, but it is atop a "mountain." Santa's office complex is below that with Santa's shops and the train station on the ground level. The Santa train is at the station this year.

To the right is the new "mountain" that contains the Christmas Village on its levels. An old, ceramic, light-up tree adorns the top.

An igloo thimble secretly sits behind the Christmas Village tree.

A smaller city lies between the Christmas Village mountain and the center Santa mountain.

To the left is the countryside. 

The original mountain sports many of my handmade thimbles.

At the top is my Observatory. With the downsizing, I couldn't display the planets that my daughter made, so I bought an ornament that had them all--except Pluto.  :(

Although a bit smaller, the countryside still has all the essentials...and a few surprises!

Small farm with lots of tiny accessories.

The pewter farm lies nestled behind the Santa mountain. The country school sits waiting for kids.

My big surprise this year is the new addition to "our house." We had a big shop built this year, so I needed to include it with my thimble replica of our home and property.

I used only the top of the artificial tree this year. Ricky can't reach it on the table. And, around the tree are the white houses with blue lights that I adore. But, never fear! There be thimbles here!

Thimble ornament in the tree.

The snowmen are thimbles!

On the sill behind the white houses, everything but the house is a thimble. Santa sleigh set is thimbles.

Lincoln snowman on the other side.

Santa and Mrs. Claus upgraded to a big, lighted house. No log cabin this year!

Thimbles are everywhere!

The top of the boot contains Santa taking some aliens' Christmas list. The house is the thimble.

Thimbles everywhere you look! The gifts and train are thimbles. I made the gifts.

Lots of cuteness! 

I put this together, using the tree candle holder as a place for the Santa thimble.

My Christmas thimble rack. I don't think I've ever posted this. I take down my kitchen thimble rack and put this up.

Santa delivering gifts...

Two gifts are new thimbles--the rocking horse and the dollhouse.

So, for this year, even with downsizing, Thimble World lives on!
Merry Christmas, everyone!