ThanksThimbleGiving 2014

I didn't do much of anything new for Thanksgiving this year, but I did manage a few changes here and there. I started, as always, with my small Thanksgiving display on the bar. I like to have the cornucopia next to it as an accent.

Not many changes, but I did make the totem poles into thimbles. I can't help messing with things.

I think I like having this on the bar counter. I can change things easier.

My other small display didn't have any changes because I really adore this as is.

 I simply omitted all the extra leaves that cluttered up the scene.

 The big display had many changes.

 I went with "less is more" this year and only put in a couple of the Indians. I did buy a bigger turkey thimble for this year. It is significantly larger than the older one, as seen in the picture.

 In the center, I put in the tree with the wire pumpkin behind it on the window sill. Around the bottom of the tree I scattered the little animal thimbles normally around the Indians. I also put the acorn thimble here, although I don't think this is an acorn tree.  : )

 The Pilgrim side of the display got the chicken thimbles and a new, colorful rooster thimble.

I guess I went with simpler designs this year, but I still wish everyone a big