SummerFunLand Returns!

With August and September upon us, I am bringing back SummerFunLand to Thimble World for these next couple months.  Since many enjoy vacations in these two months, I though it only appropriate that Thimble World get back to the fun displayed in May.  But, I did modify some houses I bought and added them just to change it up a bit.

 A cottage.

 New houses at the edge of town.

 A couple interesting museums outside town and a new cottage behind the
Elephant & Castle Restaurant.

 Ah, yes!  The camping area is back to normal!

Have a great summer, everyone!  I'll be back in October with my Halloween thimbles!
See ya then!

It's July in Thimble World!

Yes, the 4th of July is celebrated in Thimble World!  Patriotism is abound!

Fireworks are going off!
Thimble World fireworks stand is open! Got some large ground works going off!
Especially for the July 4th celebration, I made a couple patriotic houses waving flags. I also included the Alamo and the Betsy Ross house as additional buildings of national pride.
The lake island proudly displays the American flag!
Of the 6 Apollo moon landings, two were in July. Apollo 11 was the first moon landing, and Apollo 15 had the first Lunar Rover. In honor of one of America's greatest feats, I made a Moon Landing thimble complete with the Lunar Orbiter. A thimble of Earth is in the background.
Be proud to be American and wave your flag!