April Update!

With Easter so early in April, I was left with a specific Easter display.  So, what to do after Easter is over?  Modify, of course!

I put flowers over the "Happy Easter" of the center egg and added some extra houses. I took out the green eggs out as well.  Although I left some Easter things, the display is simply transformed to a lovely springtime setting!

Easter in April 2015

    On Palm Sunday, although the end of March, I decided to put out the April (Easter) display. Easter was the following Sunday, so I thought I should get the display together a bit early.  I managed to do a few different things for this year. 

     A duck is in the pond and Peter Rabbit waits next to the egg tree in the center of the houses. The green eggs are supposed to glow in the dark, but they never have.
The large egg on the hangar is of Oregon Coast attractions.  I thought it fitting for the Easter theme.  The flower thimble by the train was a last minute thing.  The arch was sort of like a tunnel.  Looking at the picture, I believe that was all in my mind.  LOL!

The thimble on the top has a "rugged cross."  The very top of the thimble is also a "cross" with diamonds on the points.  Although I am not religious, I thought I should include something that symbolizes the true meaning of Easter.  Without the Jesus figure, there would be no Easter.

On a trip to Long Beach, Washington, I made some purchases I thought would be great for the Easter display.  Some of the things I found were these nice glass eggs.  One had something like a galaxy on it, so it was a must have for me.

 This one below had foil inside it.  Very cool.

There were 3 variations of flowered Easter eggs that were irresistible.

Also on the beach trip, in the same store, I found tiny miniatures.  I simply had to have this cute little rabbit, which fit nicely next to the egg tree.  He is my Peter Rabbit.

And there was this adorable duck for in the pond.

Although I had the glass rabbit, I still had the paper rabbits I made.  One can never have too many bunnies to deliver the Easter cheer.

Happy Easter from Thimble World!