Halloween Thimble World 2013

I love Halloween!  I love to make Halloween stuff with little surprises tucked into everything.

So, I add to Halloween Thimble World.  This year is no different.
 Linus got a pumpkin patch behind the haunted house. A witch is stirring her brew inside.
 A giant hand coming out of the tree seemed rather ominous to me.
 The graveyard with Death behind a tombstone in the back. Ghosts are floating amuck!
What Halloween ensemble would be complete without a mummy? I added this thimble of King Tut to the menagerie.
 Of course there are more thimble surprises!
 Another Linus in the pumpkin patch.
 Thimbles peeking out from everywhere.
 Thimble skull.
More thimbles - even in the tree.

 And now for the Halloween 2013 treat!  Look close.  Is that...??
 Could it be?  YES!  It is a Haunted House Thimble Community!
 I have displayed the Haunted House thimbles in many ways previously, but this year I made it its own little "haven."  There are even Z-scale tombstones.  I even made the trees from wire.
Lots of new ones this year that I made from printables I found online.  Bear in mind that reducing these and making them still recognizable is a challenge.  After all, a thimble is only a little over an inch tall.

If the thimble is an inch tall, imagine the ghosts and the body hanging in the tree.  To the right is one of the new thimble houses for this year.
Three of the new ones I made. I cut the bats from losing scratch tickets.  The center house has a chainsaw stuck in the roof.  The one on the left was the precursor of the hardest thimble I've ever made.  Can you recognize the idea?  Maybe the one below will help.

 Recognize this house yet?  Do you remember the Amityville Horror?  This is the house from the movie.  The upper porches even have floors.
Finding the back of the Amityville House was difficult and took several extensive searches to find an accurate depiction.  Let me say this:  It took me 4 (four!) tries to make this.  I mean, I took it apart and redid it 3 times prior to this.  But, I will admit it was worth it.  No Haunted House Thimble Community (Haunted Haven?) would be complete without the Ultimate Haunted House!

I don't know if I can top the creations of this year, but we shall see in 2014.