It's Fair Time!

Since I have a circus/amusement park that I no longer use in Christmas ThimbleWorld, I thought I would put it to use in August. This month is filled with fairs all across the country, I decided to make a Fair of my own, although my fair is a little bit of everything.

There's the rodeo...

A wishing well...
The main entrance complete with kids going through the turnstile and a guard in his shack.

Rides and fun galore! Even a hot air balloon ride (you can see it just over the top of the Ferris wheel).

Miniature train.

There's even a paddle wheel boat ride around a castle.

Ice cream or candy?? Gotta have "refreshment" stands.

My Fair also has a circus train.

The train (which is a set of thimbles) opens up to reveal a circus conductor in the engine compartment, a lion in the cage of the 2nd car, and seal balancing a ball on its nose in the 3rd tent car. The train IS the circus!

And the train is headed for...

THE BIG TOP! (Yup, I made this.)

The "big top" top comes off to reveal a thimble inside with different clowns all around it.

My Fair is open day and night!

Come lose yourself in my imagination Fair.