A Decade of December Delight!

Well, it's been 10 years since I started my Christmas Thimble Land.  Yup, it all started in 2007.


As you can see, a lot has changed in 10 years.  As with all communities, it has grown, but some things remain the same.

One mountain has remained, although it doesn't work as a fountain of water any longer.

The town has definitely grown.

And the center now consists of Christmas/Santa Village.

The farm land has more farms and country sets, but that one farm from 10 years ago is still here. 

Full view of that original farm along with the newer mountain and other farms.

So many little surprises await the viewer of Christmas Thimble Land.
Yes, there is the Telecom business, but far in the back is the college.

The gas pump may be big, but the car and the person are to scale with the thimble.

Deer at the lake.

There's a man in that outhouse--and a bear approaching. I made that log cabin thimble.

Atop the original mountain now sits my hand-made observatory.  It is there because the people need to see those planets that my daughter made so many years ago...

New this year is the Star Trek ships flying amid those planets.

A Klingon ship hovers at the edge of the solar system.

In celebration of the 10 years, I added back in some old houses to that mountain that aren't thimbles, but I used them for a long time.

And then, of course, are the thimble houses.

Wildlife roam around the thimble houses.

A bear wanders around this house.

Nestled in the crook of the mountain is an igloo thimble.

But wait! That igloo has a penguin inside.

As I have done many times, a UFO is at a house behind the mountain.

In town, homes have their businesses alongside.

At the hospital, a doctor runs out to meet with the ambulance.

The center of town and it's lovely Christmas tree (thimble).

Patrons at the Meat Store.

The Santa train has made it through the past decade.

Many new thimbles make up the Christmas Village.

This train has made it for 10 years as well.  I've even decided to go back to my original train track made of Popsicle sticks.  It gives me more room and the ability to do what I want.

Again, many new thimbles in Christmas Village--most of them I made mayself.

One of my Mail Pouch barns that I made.  I'm from the MidWest and these were a thing when I was a kid.

People by their fire.  (They are soooo tiny)

Yes, the original farm. I added a mill and some extras, but it is the first farm I had.

The Blacksmith looks busy with all those horses.

My hand-made covered bridge with the Amish horse and buggy (with driver) leaving the farm.
Our house is a very, very fine house.  I had to change it to include our new shop, but its been around a while.

The other Mail Pouch barn I made.  In the background is a windmill.

What's that I see?  A UFO?  Why, yes it is!
There, on the other mountain, are log cabins (made by me) and lots of things to see.

The Lodge has a guest on the balcony.

Little hidden surprises on this mountain...
...And under it.  I'm not a Star Wars fan, but I couldn't pass on a miniature Millennium Falcon.

And, as always, the capitol in behind.  This is another memory from my childhood.  My grandmother always put a city decoration in the back of the tree.

Do you think that's all of the thimbles I have for Christmas?  No, no, no!

After finally displaying all of my houses last year, I wanted to do it again, but we put up a full tree this year. So, I had to get inventive on my displays.
Of my white houses, only one thimble sits among them--a colorful snowman.

My other houses have thimbles scattered here and there.  The Lincoln snowman sporting an American flag is a thimble.  

The train next to the Hardware store and the tiny "tractor ride" are both thimbles.  Even the green tree is a thimble.

To the far side, a house is being visited by Santa. His sleigh and reindeer wait.

Beneath that is a small blue and white building.  Rudolph (thimble) visits.

On the other side is a large white and blue house with Santa preparing to go down the chimney (thimble).

Think I'm done?  Nope.

Little house with a candle thimble and Santa (thimble) surrounded by toys next to a Christmas tree.

Santa and Mrs Claus house with Factory, Warehouse, and Toy Store. Santa and wife are thimbles as well as all the elves, the snowman, and the tree inside the toy train.

Christmas tree in the nook.  The table and chairs thimbles make their final appearance for the year with cookies, milk, and a note for Santa on the table. The dollhouse, the drum with toys and the gifts are all thimbles.

The centerpiece of the table even has a thimble.  It reads "Home Sweet Home."

My bar has a few thimbles.

The bar on the bar.  Santa shows up at the Tally-Ho Tavern in his sleigh (thimbles).  Look who is peeking from behind the tree on the right.  

I've never figured out where exactly to put it, but this is my little diorama of Santa outside his house with a UFO under one tree.  Santa is reading an alien's Christmas list.  The house is the thimble.

For December, this thimble rack is displayed with Christmas "decorator" thimbles in every space.

Whew!  That's a lot of thimbles, yes? 

Decorations continue, though.

Tiny mugs and a real gingerbread house.  Note the ghost rising from one mug "Making Spirits Bright."

Snowflakes are everywhere as well.  Snowflakes have been a theme for a couple years now.

Blue lights have always been the color of choice.

Santa Snowflake!

Seahawks Snowflake!

Cork reindeer and crocheted candles.

The full size snowflake themed Christmas tree.  Good news--Ricky didn't climb in it or eat any snowflakes.

But, I'm never happy with one tree.  This year, I wanted to try something different and unique.  So, I did a wall tree--cosmic themed.  The planets, some galaxies, comets, and stars decorate the tree.  Our sun tops it all off.  The black planet at the bottom is Planet X (or Planet 9 as it is called nowadays).

Of course, there's one more tree.  My Star Trek tree.

Love the fiber optics!

Well, I think I've covered most of the decorations of December.  Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  See you in 2018 with another year of thimble displays.