Christmas Thimble World 2014

Christmas is here again and although I was a bit behind in my decorating, Thimble World made it out in plenty of time!

The center of the display is now home to a Christmas village. Santa's shops are there, but Santa's North Pole home and the elves workshop are behind the tree.

 Thimble City to the right.

Rural area outside of city.

Amusement Park to the left of the Christmas village.

Farms. I took out the college on top of this "mountain" and added a light up ceramic tree.

The end of Thimble World is NOT the end. My Star Trek tree has a special surprise under it this year.

Under the dome is Santa's house with Santa reading a loooong list from...aliens!

And, yes, they are actual Star Trek ships on that tree!

Thimble World in its full glory!

  No matter what angle, Thimble World is spectacular!

 Thimble World fully lit.

MERRY CHRISTMAS from my world to yours!

ThanksThimbleGiving 2014

I didn't do much of anything new for Thanksgiving this year, but I did manage a few changes here and there. I started, as always, with my small Thanksgiving display on the bar. I like to have the cornucopia next to it as an accent.

Not many changes, but I did make the totem poles into thimbles. I can't help messing with things.

I think I like having this on the bar counter. I can change things easier.

My other small display didn't have any changes because I really adore this as is.

 I simply omitted all the extra leaves that cluttered up the scene.

 The big display had many changes.

 I went with "less is more" this year and only put in a couple of the Indians. I did buy a bigger turkey thimble for this year. It is significantly larger than the older one, as seen in the picture.

 In the center, I put in the tree with the wire pumpkin behind it on the window sill. Around the bottom of the tree I scattered the little animal thimbles normally around the Indians. I also put the acorn thimble here, although I don't think this is an acorn tree.  : )

 The Pilgrim side of the display got the chicken thimbles and a new, colorful rooster thimble.

I guess I went with simpler designs this year, but I still wish everyone a big 

Halloween 2014 Evil Dead Cabin Details

I thought I would post (for posterity) thorough images of my Evil Dead cabin.  Although I hate close-ups like these because they make the houses look horribly put together, I think showing what I did in several photos gives an appreciation to the small details involved.

As you can see, this appears to be the Evil Dead cabin in its entirety. But, you may not know that it was actually much bigger for the movies. The movies (the originals) show the characters mostly in the main part of the cabin. However, the bedrooms are clearly in another section.

The porch would not be the Evil Dead porch without the swing. It was a nightmare (no pun intended) to make and put into place.
So, to be correct, I made two halves from two house shaped thimbles. Each half is made complete with doors and windows.
The back half has a large "eave" to slide over the roof of the front half.

I aligned the back door of the cabin to the "front" door of the back half. I made both back doors according to where the doors aligned in the movies.

 When finished, the two halves slip together to make one complete cabin.


Oh, the infamous shed. I made the shed from a Monopoly red hotel.

The rear of the house shows the off-kilter addition and the other side of the shed. I made the log pile which is seen at the back door as Ash runs from the creature in the woods into the cabin. I think my stack is bigger, though.
With the Evil Dead cabin complete, I thought I would include here my addition of the boathouse to the Amityville Horror house.
The Amityville Horror house. This was the HARDEST thimble house I have ever made. I finally included the boathouse this year. It is made from a Monopoly red hotel like the Evil Dead shed.

Since I never could get a red hotel on any property when I played Monopoly, I bought some without an intended use. Well, now I have a purpose.
Unless I figure out a house that I have omitted from my Halloween collection, I may finally be able to sigh in relief and not make any more. But, no one knows what else I'll come up with. Guess we'll just wait and see what 2015 brings to mind.
HAPPY HALLOWEEN from ThimbleWorld!

Goin' Evil Dead for Halloween 2014

As you may know, I get a bit thimble-making happy around Halloween and this year is no different.  I made the Amityville Horror house last year and I thought that would be it.  But, this year, I realized I didn't have anything related to my favorite horror films, Evil Dead.  Being my favorites is an understatement.  I named my dog Bruce after the actor Bruce Campbell.  I was rather surprised that I hadn't done anything "evil" yet.  But, I reprieved myself--in a big way.

I created the Evil Dead scene. The cabin is made from thimbles, of course.
I made sure to include the swing on the porch.  And yes, it does swing. The shed is made from a Monopoly red hotel.

If you've seen the movies, you know there is a wood pile just outside the backdoor.

As you can see in the above picture, the cabin is not just the front. I made certain to include the ENTIRE cabin as in the films. And one cannot have Evil Dead without the car.
I went crazy with Evil Dead stuff. I bought a couple pagodas at Dollar Tree. My imagination put the Evil Dead 2 vortex into play. At the bottom of the pagoda is Ash falling into the vortex.  I added blue coiled wire over it and carefully lodged my handmade Book of the Dead in it.

This is one of my favorite pieces. It is as if the Book is swirling with the vortex.

I made the book dimensional. The mouth, eyes, and nose are sunk in, although the photo doesn't show it. I followed the skin lines with Mod Podge so as to give the book a real leathery feel.
And, I continued with a mystical setup. Yup, I made 2 Books. This one is a bit smaller and fits well with the other books.

 The Book perched atop a skull  thimble I made.

This picture shows the leathery look.

Side view of the skeleton holding the Book.

 Although smaller, this book also has real pages.

The other pagoda that I mentioned. I had to cut this one to add in my new crystal ball thimble that I put together.

This spells book is actually a thimble originally from Birchcroft China. It was Alice in Wonderland to begin with. The skull is my own doing.
Other than going Evil Dead, I put up my usual thimbles--with a few new additions, of course. I made a boathouse to go with the Amityville house and all my Haunted Houses are now in a "gated" community.

The new gates.

Outside of the community, the devil wanders underground.
My thimble Halloween setup. A few newbies, but not much.

I finally painted the plain gravestones. The skull with the snake is similar to the one with the frog on it over by the books. This one I call "Snake Eyes." (Just kidding.)
New skull thimble just hanging around.
The mummy has escaped his sarcophagus!!
Linus in his pumpkin patch.

Ghosties by the grave under the tree.
My other Linus in his bigger pumpkin patch.
Pirate with his loot.

Oh my! Looks like he's got himself a thimble!
Halloween décor with an actual Voodoo doll from New Orleans. (I bought it there pre-Katrina).

More décor.

Table spookies.
From my house(s) to yours....