Thanksgiving Thimble World 2012

New this year is my addition of many new thimbles for decorating at Thanksgiving.  Follow along as I explain the newest members.

This first photo, some of you may recognize the tree in the back on the left from Halloween World. It maintains its position on through November, although in a more merry setting.

Here's a closeup of the left. The bucket of spilled milk, the turkey, and the peacock by the tree are the thimbles. This is the pilgrim display.

Now for the right.  Simple Fall decoration.  See the nut in front (to the left of the scarecrow)? That is a thimble (and the only one there).

Now for the Indian display. This is a "busy" one. The Indians are actually a very old nativity set I had and gave as a gift. It made its was back to me and I thought I would use it for Thanksgiving decor. In this, the rooster and hen in front and the totem pole to the right of the teepee are thimbles. The totem pole is comprised of six thimble that stack.  There are also several animals (heads only) in the back around the twig tree.  You can see the fox in front of the teepee.

Next is another simple autumn decoration. The photos are my own. The elk light is from Crater Lake. There are three elk thimbles and one bear catching a fish thimble on display.

Last, but not least, is a Thanksgiving Thimble World all within itself. There is a "Pilgrim" village of thimbles in the back. Indian thimbles in the front. I made the teepees. And, on the top, all the way in the back, is my handmade Fall Scarecrow thimble. I also made a Halloween scarecrow.

Some closeups for a better view of everything.

And, a view from the rear...

Thank you for checking out my Thanksgiving Thimble World. You know the next on to come. The one that started all this madness. CHRISTMAS THIMBLE WORLD. I have lots of new thimbles and am working on a little different setup this year. When it's ready, I'll let you know!