SummerFunLand has returned to Thimble World!

Well, it's August and that means summer fun! Thimble World is no different. In keeping with my "less is more" for 2015, I've made a condensed SummerFunLand this year. However, I made sure to include all the fun things I could think of. Those rocks around the lake are from a fun summer adventure in Fossil, Oregon, so they got to be in there.

The lake is brimming with boats, including a paddlewheel, a guy canoeing, and a water plane. Gotta love those pink flamingos!

 Along the lakeshore is my Crab Shack thimble. Cars and motorcycles park out front to visit. I think  many like to go to the patio in the back with picnic tables.

The camping area is in full swing with both tenters and campers. (Sorry about the fallen tree. I didn't see it)

 And what summer would it be if there wasn't a "beach" town? An avary hides in the corner for the bird watchers. And a carousel for the kids! A wishing well and bench for more enjoyment next to the carousel.  

The rest of the town has the seafood places. Campers haulin' it in. 

 A cabin in the woods with a treehouse and huge bonfire. Behind the house is a thimble from New Mexico (thanks Kelly!) with a hot air balloon and a Route 66 sign. Perfect addition to SummerFunLand!

Next to the town hotel is a sand castle on the beach next to the lake. 

And for those who like going to museums, Thimble World has a Thimble Museum. A bicycler rode to these two attractions. Maybe he can take a ride on the carousel once he's rested.

Just up around the bend from the museum is a country home with a rodeo rider practicing.

At the top is my hand-made thimble scene of 4-wheelers. Note the guy running on the hillside. His tent is set up down from him.

 For the first time this year, I changed the back side of the display. This is where the bar/restaurant is.

 The Elephant and Castle. I'm wondering if there's a casino inside.

SummerFunLand is on! I probably missed a few summer fun things, but I think I covered it rather well. Be sure to take a good look at those pictures. I have many tiny motorcycles, bicycles, and sports cars around the display. And, when you're done with that, go have a great summer! I won't be back until October, but the wait will be worth it. I have a lot of new things for Halloween that I can't wait to share. So, until then,