June in Thimble World is UFO Month!

On June 24, 1947, pilot Kenneth Arnold observed a string of UFOs flying over Mt. Rainier in Washington State.  In celebration of this event, I have proclaimed June to be Thimble World UFO Month.  I will be displaying all of my handmade UFO thimbles, including one I created especially for the Mt. Rainier sighting.

The Mt. Rainier Sighting Thimble

A boomerang UFO flying over a house. In the foreground is a Bigfoot thimble with 3-dimensional creatures hiding in trees around it.

 A side view in which you can see a round UFO taking off just left of the center. In the foreground here is a Stonehenge thimble I purchased.

What's that behind that house?
A round UFO in hiding!
Oh, no!  Aliens are escorting a woman to their UFO!

Another round UFO, and this one is abducting someone through a beam!

 A wide view showing the round saucer (USO) in the center of the lake. In the left foreground is a triangle UFO over a house, which is best viewed from ground level (see next picture).
Yup, UFO!

Full view of Thimble World UFO Month display.