'Merica Month 2017

It's America Month!  The Fourth of July is only the beginning of a celebration of America!

Lady Liberty stands watch over the land.

Fireworks put her in lovely silhouette.

Houses all decorated in patriotic decor.

A truly all-American home with a big swimming pool.

The fireworks stand is open for business! One guy is lighting his off right there!

American symbols:  Betsy Ross house, the Liberty Bell (and American Eagle), and the Alamo.

This homeowner rests at his picnic table while his dog runs around.

A couple cuddle at their picnic table.

The flag rises from the island in the water while two red, white, and blue boats navigate around it.

The train even shows its patriotism with red, white, and blue cars.

Our nation's capital--the heart of America!

The Declaration of Independence...the cornerstone of America.

Great American accomplishments:  First man on the moon, July 1969

First lunar vehicle July 1971

America Month continues...

The fireworks stand is closed for another year.

But, lights and stars still illuminate the night.

And, Lady Liberty still stands proud!