July Celebrations

For July, I decided to add a little "flare" to the celebrations of the month.  Keep looking for "small" additions...

Lady Liberty proudly overlooks this thimble land.

"Our country 'tis of thee, sweet land of liberty..."

Customers at the fireworks stand.  Check out the guy running from his fireworks!

Two pieces of American history--the Betsy Ross house and the Alamo.

People hangin' out on their picnic table enjoying a bonfire.

The neighbor chillin' at his picnic table as well.  Abundant flag displays at his house!

Nighttime 4th fireworks display!  Lady Liberty shines!

And, since everyone will be looking skyward at fireworks, let's not forget another significant event in America's July history...

...the Apollo 11 moon landing on July 20, 1969.

Of the 6 Apollo moon landings, two were in July. Apollo 11 was the first moon landing, and Apollo 15 had the first Lunar Rover. In honor of one of America's greatest feats, I made a Moon Landing thimble complete with the Lunar Orbiter.

Since space exploration is a topic for July, I bought a handsome Mars thimble and made a celestial thimble and another thimble with a shuttle passing over Earth.

Happy 4th to everyone!