June, the month of UFOs (and related things)

I'm very excited about this month's display.  Along with my original UFOs, I have many new additions, most of them hand-made as well.  June is the month to celebrate the strange things in the sky (and elsewhere)!

To begin, on the top (as always) is my (condensed) rendition of pilot Kenneth Arnold's UFO siting over Mount Rainier on June 24, 1947.  I couldn't squeeze all nine craft onto the thimble.

To the side of the Mount Rainier thimble is a gold thimble I ordered from England.  The UFO hovers over the earth and moon.  The UFO spins, too.  It was an awesome piece I could not pass up.

On the right of the gold UFO is a rock formation--or so you think.  I got to thinking that I was missing an important UFO to the phenomena.  So, I set out to create my rendition of this cult movie.  Any guesses?

Ok, so the UFO is not exactly correct, but you may still be able to guess the movie.

 How about now?  The Devil's Tower should give it away.  Well, in case you can't guess, it's "Close Encounters of the Third Kind."  I ordered the Devil's Tower thimble from a gift shop online.

The UFO is the first one I made when I started creating these flying saucers.  This one never made it to a thimble until now.  In fact, I had to make some modifications so it would better suit the scenario of the movie.  The "rock" it all sits on is a clump of concrete from the construction we have going on right now.  I couldn't find a rock that suited me.

And why is the UFO on a mirror?  To see the bottom!

In front of the Devil's Tower, is a USO--Unidentified Submerged Object.  I received a bead as a free gift and I had no idea what to do with it.  So, it sat around until I came up with the idea to use it as a UFO.  The water waves surround a thimble and the bead sits on top of the waves as if coming out of the water below.

To the left of the display are more new additions that I made.

I made this one with the old 40's and 50's spaceships in mind.  Many UFOs were depicted in comic books and science fiction with this type of craft.

But, I wanted this to be more than just a simple spaceship.  The planet on top rotates!


I made a video to show it working.  Yes, I made this.

 As for the craft with the alien inside next to my rotating thimble, this was just a quick thing I put together with pictures I'd printed and were laying around doing nothing.  The rock in front hides Earth, but only for the display.

Earth at night is beautiful, and I wanted to put it on a thimble, so this is how it all ended up.

And now for the center of the display--and the many surprises there!  What appears to be the average house at night....

 has sinister happenings in the back.  This one has two gray aliens escorting a woman from her house to their ship.

And, what's that going on at the neighbor's house?

Oh my!  He's being "spirited" away into another UFO!

 This neighbor is lucky with only a fly-over by a diamond-shaped craft.

Another fortunate neighbor gets a fly-over by a triangle-shaped object.

 In the corner of the neighborhood is a flying saucer taking off from a hilltop.  This was actually the first UFO thimble I made.

Ok. Now for the high strangeness.  I know you're asking, "What's up with the Bigfoot?  This is UFO month!"  Well, Bigfoot has long been associated with UFO sightings.  So, what display of UFOs would be complete with a Bigfoot.  This is my first sasquatch thimble.

 But, one is never enough for me.  So, I made a second thimble with THREE creatures on it.  Let me tell you this--cutting and creating these tiny creatures was very difficult.  But, worth it!

 This one is hauling out a tree.  For a home, maybe?

 This guy is shy.

Yeah, I know you're EXTREMELY curious about the strange things behind the Bigfoot thimbles.  Well, I am rather proud of this creation.  It's from another movie.  ANOTHER MOVIE?  Yup.  One is never enough.  This is from the 2005 version of "War of the Worlds" with Tom Cruise.  The house is a metal house-shaped thimble that I bought and stored away.  The creature is my creation by using parts from a Halloween bag of bugs, the end of a Bic pen, and some gems.

Why add this, you ask?  Well, as I said, I'm fond of this creation.  And, besides, this "War of the Worlds" premiered in June 2005.  So, I think it qualifies. (Ha ha). 

I attempted to be as close to the movie craft/creature as possible.  I even added the "baskets" under the rear of the thing.  This was where the humans were stored.

Of course, I wanted to add something to the ever-present train.  What better than a swooping UFO?

Finally, I ordered a silver UFO charm which I promptly "crashed" into the rocks.  This reminded me of something else very UFO....

 Roswell, maybe?

Well, this has been a lot to take in for one posting.  So, relax, enjoy, and keep watching the skies!