Christmas Thimble World 2012!!!

Although I got set up a bit late this year, Thimble World is finally complete and fully operational (that's my Star Trek tree in the back). Along with my annual Christmas thimble scenario, I decided to integrate thimbles into all my decorating. I had already been doing this with a few thimbles, but I added a few more this year. With that in mind, I will share my holiday decor with you.

First, you are greeted with a glowing, shiny holiday setup. There is a thimble with a bow between the reindeer of Santa's sleigh and the train in front of the deer is a thimble.

Turn your head and see a ceramic lighted tree. The drum with the hobby horse on top is the thimble in this grouping.

Look the other way, and you see lighted "candles." The candlestick is the thimble.

Next to that is a small scenario I built with a Santa house and aliens. LOL! Underneath the diorama is an anthology (now available) in which I have a story that I wrote based off of the diorama I built. Very paradoxical!

Of course I have thimbles in the kitchen. In fact, a nice shelf-full!

Along with thimble decorating, I have a thing about houses for decorating at Christmas (as you will soon see).

All of the figures came with the lighted village except for the snowman thimble out front. His color adds a touch of realism (to me).

 Behind the village, in the window, is another setup with thimbles included.

In the center, the Santa train is a set of three thimbles.

To the right is a cabin with Santa and Mrs. Claus thimbles.

And to the left is Rudolph peeking from under the tree!

I have houses behind the main tree, lining the window on either side. That's a Santa thimble on top of the house. The thimble base is a chimney and he's dragging his bag up the side.

The other side has a couple thimbles.

One is the bird thimble my daughter made for me for my birthday. Thank you, Sandie! I love you!

The other is a bit more hidden toward the back. It is a painted carousel next to the smaller building.

Of course, there is a thimble on the main tree. A partridge in a fir tree!  Again, thanks to my daughter.

And now, what you've all been waiting for! CHRISTMAS THIMBLE WORLD 2012!!!

Closeups starting from the left. I changed it around this year and put the farm country on the opposite end.

More cars. More animals. New trees.

Water planes. A balloon ride in the amusement park and you can see a balloon off in the distance (actually pinned into the mountains) to the right of the tree.

I'm still adding more to the Christmas Village part, since that is the main reason for Thimble World to exist.

New 3-D houses everywhere.

More new farm animals and new accessories. The two-piece observatory thimbles are still in their place at the top of the mountain. Even thimble world watches the sky!

I've made the transition to more 3-D house thimbles from the more plain (simply square) thimbles, although those are still my choice for the city. I am integrating the two designs for a more realistic feel. I've added more cars, more animals, and more accessories all over the place.

I added my rendition of where I work (handmade SawNet thimble) along with a radio tower.

I also included my hand made Crab Shack. The outdoor seating is attached.

Also new this year are free standing rocks to add dimension to the ground. These are lava rocks my coworker Tami brought back from a trip for me. Thanks, Tami! (There's actually more than these).

And, what Thimble World of mine would be complete without the weird in it? UFO to the rescue. 

And my Bigfoot thimble is out there hiding in the world amid trees.

So, there you have it. Another year, another Christmas Thimble World. The planets (thanks, Sandie!) are still overlooking my world with no Mayan end in sight! See you all next year!

Thanksgiving Thimble World 2012

New this year is my addition of many new thimbles for decorating at Thanksgiving.  Follow along as I explain the newest members.

This first photo, some of you may recognize the tree in the back on the left from Halloween World. It maintains its position on through November, although in a more merry setting.

Here's a closeup of the left. The bucket of spilled milk, the turkey, and the peacock by the tree are the thimbles. This is the pilgrim display.

Now for the right.  Simple Fall decoration.  See the nut in front (to the left of the scarecrow)? That is a thimble (and the only one there).

Now for the Indian display. This is a "busy" one. The Indians are actually a very old nativity set I had and gave as a gift. It made its was back to me and I thought I would use it for Thanksgiving decor. In this, the rooster and hen in front and the totem pole to the right of the teepee are thimbles. The totem pole is comprised of six thimble that stack.  There are also several animals (heads only) in the back around the twig tree.  You can see the fox in front of the teepee.

Next is another simple autumn decoration. The photos are my own. The elk light is from Crater Lake. There are three elk thimbles and one bear catching a fish thimble on display.

Last, but not least, is a Thanksgiving Thimble World all within itself. There is a "Pilgrim" village of thimbles in the back. Indian thimbles in the front. I made the teepees. And, on the top, all the way in the back, is my handmade Fall Scarecrow thimble. I also made a Halloween scarecrow.

Some closeups for a better view of everything.

And, a view from the rear...

Thank you for checking out my Thanksgiving Thimble World. You know the next on to come. The one that started all this madness. CHRISTMAS THIMBLE WORLD. I have lots of new thimbles and am working on a little different setup this year. When it's ready, I'll let you know!

Halloween World 2012

Well, I changed around a couple setups, but overall it isn't too different.  I did add some new thimbles, though.  So, let's move along to check out my Halloween Thimble World(s) for 2012!

Yes, my outside decorations have moved inside. The wind here just tears up everything.

And, to welcome anyone is my original Halloween Thimble World. Very few things here are not thimbles.  I've added a few more this year as well.

 Lights on.
Lights off.

For 2012, I decided to put my thimble "haunted" houses in a different setup. I've even added some new houses to the arrangement of purchased and handmade.

And how could I celebrate Halloween without a seasonal anthology? Yes, I am in this one, too. It's Strange Halloween from Whortleberry Press and my story is "Horror in Hootenanny Holler."  If you're interested in some tales of Halloween, place your order for this book!  Click here

I also added thimbles subtly into the decorating.  Any guesses? (No cheating by looking at last year).

Beginning on the left, there are some thimbles hiding in the mix.  Linus is back, of course, along with a silver skeleton head and the owls in the tree.  If you look closely at the picture above, you can (somewhat) see a painted skeleton head in front of the large tombstone.  That's a new thimble for this year.

Another (surprise) thimble awaits in the picture below!  The tombstone is a thimble I made last year from the top of Halloween fingernail polish.

So, that's it for my thimbles, so I will just round out with some photos of the rest of my decorations.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!  Stayed tuned for next month's Thanksgiving Thimbles!  And, don't forget the one that started it all is not far off--Christmas Thimble World!