Merry Christmas, 2016!

Christmas is right around the corner...and so it is in ThimbleWorld! 

But first, let me take you on the tour of my world of thimbles around the house for Christmas this year.

A tree with many toys beneath, many of which are thimbles. 

Remember that table and chairs of thimbles I made back in October? Well, here it is again--in the way I made it for. Note the plate of cookies, glass of milk, and note to Santa on the table. It was an awesome find that fit perfectly.

I decorated with snowflakes this year. My very old crocheted tree adorned the felt snowflake quite nicely. Accents are a snowglobe and a "Home Sweet Home" thimble.

The Tally-Ho Tavern or the Bar on the bar. The Santa "train" is a trio of thimbles.

Santa (thimble) at another tree with tons of gifts. A wine cork reindeer looks on.

More snowflakes with a pine cone tree my daughter made when she was little.

Santa even takes lists from aliens...

We had to have another year of the "short tree" because of the puppy, so I decided to do it in snowflakes.

Snowflake above, houses around and below...

Santa (thimble) drags his bag into a house.

The snow white houses under the tree...the colorful snowman is the thimble.
Behind those houses is the new white house. Santa exits toward his sleigh and a reindeer (thimbles).

The church and tree. An angel prays in the distance.

Next stop is a Christmas village.
Mrs. Claus sees Santa off (they are thimbles). Elves play in thimbles under the trees.

More elves (thimbles) hang out in front of the Toy Store. A toy train chugs along on its track around the tree (thimble). In the back, a snowman (thimble) looks on.

Abe Lincoln Snowman (thimble) proudly waves his flag outside the post office. The hardware store has a miniature carousel (thimble).

Last, but definitely not least, THIMBLEWORLD!

Christmas Land takes center stage around the tree.

If you look closely, you can see that Christmas Land is set up on a felt snowflake. All the houses (thimbles) and trees run the outline of the snowflake.

The houses and trees along an edge.

Santa at his house at the rear of the snowflake village.

A commuter dashes for the train.

The country side of life in ThimbleWorld.

A lodge is nestled into the mountain. Two of my handmade cabins sit on one level of the "snow mountain."

My handmade covered bridge thimble. Amish buggy approaches. Note the driver.
Our house, is a very, very fine house. I included the new shop.

The city side.

The rural mountainside. My observatory is aimed at the planets above.

There's even another cabin outside of the city...complete with outhouse.

The center all lit up.

ThimbleWorld, in all its glory!

Finally, to wrap things up, let's finish in the kitchen. Snowflakes adorn the doorway.

The house-shaped thimble rack with lots of Christmas thimbles.

 The snowflake glows a nice, soft light.

 My Christmas "mug" collection. These are only about an inch tall.

Well, that's it for this year. If I display my ThimbleWorld next year, that will be the 10th year I have done it. So, on to Year 10!