End of Summer FunLand

Well, the end of summer is upon us, so we need to get in that last bit of fun! The campground is filling, the town and lake are busy, and ATVs ride the dunes along with 4WD trucks!

The campground is near capacity!

Some campers go outside the boundaries to get that secluded place.

Campers snagging one of the last spots...

More campers on the way!

Boating fun! The white boats and lighthouse are thimbles.

ATVs roam the hills! That huge sand dune is a thimble that I made.

 Be sure to grab some food at one of the eateries. There's a fruit stand, too. Don't forget a gift for those who couldn't come out to play.

And, don't miss "The Crab Shack." Although it is no longer with us locally, in ThimbleWorld, the tables with umbrellas still beckon.

And, if you just want to have a peaceful night, head out to the observatory for a peek into the night sky at the constellations and far away stars.

Enjoy the dog days!