November in Thimbles

There's not a lot different this year for thimbles in my November decorating, but I did add a couple new ones. After Halloween (and before Christmas), the November displays are rather simple and pretty.

The Pilgrims and Indians Village. 

I've been searching for a teepee thimble since I started decorating with thimbles. In my frustration, I made my own. Well, this year I found the long sought after thimble.

Pilgrims and animals thimbles around a small house.

New thimble here with fall items on it.

Leaves adorn the back and top.

The big display spread. Lots of thimbles here.

On the left side of the big display are the pilgrims. Roosters, chicken, peacock and spilled milk are all thimbles.

In the center is a tree with many woodland friends around it. All those woodsy critters are thimbles.

And, on the right are the Indians. The turkeys are thimbles along with the totem pole, which is a set of thimbles. Believe it or not, I had to order the totem from England.

Small cornucopia with a scarecrow. The acorn out front is a thimble.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Warm holiday wishes to all!