Armed Forces Memorial Month

Since May has the U.S. Armed Forces Day (May 16) and Memorial Day (May 25) in which we honor our soldiers past and present, I thought it fitting that I also honor our service people with an armed forces display of thimbles.  I ordered many items and made most of the thimbles myself.   I even decorated a night light with stars because I couldn't find a patriotic light that I liked.

Many of the pewter items are charms, which are the only things small enough to work with Thimble World that I can afford.

Before I go on, let me point out that I did not forget Mother's Day.  I included a thimble from my daughter that I added her own handwritten Mother's Day love.  In the background is one of two Liberty Bell thimbles I put together.

The "lake" on the side has two battle ships and one carrier (in the back).  The center of the the lake has a patriotic thimble.

From the collection of pewter charms that I bought, I made many honorary thimbles.  The thimble at the top is double-sided.  One side shows "Land of the Free."

The other side says "Home of the Brave."

In the center of the display, I have an "American Legion."  I chose this particular thimble because it has four pillars, which represent the Four Pillars of the American Legion--Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation, National Security, Americanism, and Children & Youth.  I emblazoned the roof with the Legion symbol.  The raising of the flag at Iwo Jima sits out front while 2 caissons (again Monopoly pieces) stand at the entrance.  In the background are the five "castles" which represent the armed forces (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard).  I had to special order the castles and redo them especially for this display.

In front of this is a jet fighter. Behind it I placed "stars and stripes" as if they were coming from the rear of the plane.

Guarding the water is a fort that I found online.  I put a pewter helicopter on the roof.  Tanks are coming up the beach from behind.

To the left of center are some thimbles I made that I did especially for the Army since my husband and father both served in the Army.

Next to the "castles," I put in a Liberty Bell that I made.  This turned out to be one of my favorites of the group and you will probably see it again in July.  ;)  If I had taken the picture from an underneath angle, you would see the clapper in the bell.

In my pewter charms orders, I received a capitol building.  It was so small, I truly did not know what to do with it.  So, I made a simple "button" trinket, which worked out quite nicely.

My train in front of the display rarely gets anything different, so I thought it fitting to put a flag on it.

Happy Holidays for May!

Next month will be even MORE exciting!