Halloween World 2012

Well, I changed around a couple setups, but overall it isn't too different.  I did add some new thimbles, though.  So, let's move along to check out my Halloween Thimble World(s) for 2012!

Yes, my outside decorations have moved inside. The wind here just tears up everything.

And, to welcome anyone is my original Halloween Thimble World. Very few things here are not thimbles.  I've added a few more this year as well.

 Lights on.
Lights off.

For 2012, I decided to put my thimble "haunted" houses in a different setup. I've even added some new houses to the arrangement of purchased and handmade.

And how could I celebrate Halloween without a seasonal anthology? Yes, I am in this one, too. It's Strange Halloween from Whortleberry Press and my story is "Horror in Hootenanny Holler."  If you're interested in some tales of Halloween, place your order for this book!  Click here

I also added thimbles subtly into the decorating.  Any guesses? (No cheating by looking at last year).

Beginning on the left, there are some thimbles hiding in the mix.  Linus is back, of course, along with a silver skeleton head and the owls in the tree.  If you look closely at the picture above, you can (somewhat) see a painted skeleton head in front of the large tombstone.  That's a new thimble for this year.

Another (surprise) thimble awaits in the picture below!  The tombstone is a thimble I made last year from the top of Halloween fingernail polish.

So, that's it for my thimbles, so I will just round out with some photos of the rest of my decorations.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!  Stayed tuned for next month's Thanksgiving Thimbles!  And, don't forget the one that started it all is not far off--Christmas Thimble World!