Christmas Thimble World 2014

Christmas is here again and although I was a bit behind in my decorating, Thimble World made it out in plenty of time!

The center of the display is now home to a Christmas village. Santa's shops are there, but Santa's North Pole home and the elves workshop are behind the tree.

 Thimble City to the right.

Rural area outside of city.

Amusement Park to the left of the Christmas village.

Farms. I took out the college on top of this "mountain" and added a light up ceramic tree.

The end of Thimble World is NOT the end. My Star Trek tree has a special surprise under it this year.

Under the dome is Santa's house with Santa reading a loooong list from...aliens!

And, yes, they are actual Star Trek ships on that tree!

Thimble World in its full glory!

  No matter what angle, Thimble World is spectacular!

 Thimble World fully lit.

MERRY CHRISTMAS from my world to yours!