Halloween Happenings 2015

Ready for some Halloween? I'm finally ready to share my decorating!

Just a peek at the kitchen window.

The table is set.

The cat and evil pumpkin stand guard.

The living room window display.

On the left, the ghosts watch over the tombstone with lighted eyes. A thimble skull rises from the grave.

The center has a lot of things. Owls and a bat with a skull (all thimbles) sit in the tree. A thimble tombstone crowns the New Orleans casket while a cat in a pumpkin thimble take in the view. A skull thimble peeks out from beneath the tree.

On the right is a collection of Halloween horrors.

Behind it all are the Halloween thimbles. When the lights are off, the word Halloween glows on the blind behind.

Several thimble scenes here!

Haunted Thimble Houses Village. So much to see! So many houses have moved in!

Of Mothman legend, here is my Silver Bridge replica (complete with mothmen). I've added a tunnel and boat (also thimble) coming from under the bridge.

New this year is my handmade Necronomicon Skin House thimble. Above it is the new Ghost Train.

Also new this year is the Lake Monster scene. You can think of it as Loch Nessie if you like. The castle is my own making of a castle-shaped thimble.

New inclusions for the Evil Dead House scene....note the tree with a face in the back.

Also new is this little "mini scene" I made with leftover pictures I had. It is mounted on the base for a thimble display. So, it counts, right? Behind that, tucked around the corner is a mine entrance (thimble). Mines are always creepy and spooky, even to think of, much less enter.

The "Devil Underground" thimble I made. I like how the hole in the tree piece makes it appear more underground than just the thimble sitting somewhere.

I know the War of the Worlds scene was out in June, but I like it so much, I brought back out for Halloween. Besides, aliens are a part of the holiday, right?

No Halloween is complete without Linus in the pumpkin patch.

The Tree Library scene with a new Easter Island monolith. The books are all thimbles, the wizard is a thimble, and the crystal ball sits on a thimble table. Note that to the left of the sorceress on top of the monolith are those pesky aliens (thimble) again. 

The big display!!

This is my show-stopper!

This year, I made the haunted house just that...haunted!! There are 3 ghosts inside and many outside. This house speaks of "boo!"

Behind the haunted house is the Pumpkin Patch--complete with Linus waiting. Yes, there are two.

The witch I once put in the house had to go somewhere with her cauldron, so she gained a new spot...in the graveyard no less!

Another new addition for this year are my zombies. Who can NOT have The Walking Dead, right?  The crypt is the thimble. The two zombies with tombstones are separate pieces.

Although I have witches with cauldrons (especially the three under the tree which reperesent the Fates), I could not pass up this thimble purchase. The arms move on the witches! It was a definite "have-to-have."

Although not a thimble, this was another must-have purchase. No graveyard should be without this cool figure of Death.

And still yet another purchase that I just had to make. I love this ghost. She is hauntingly beautiful!

Another new scene, but some of the figures are repeats. However, in this display, the only thimble is the dragon on the right. Sorry folks. 

I even changed the light in the Necronomicon gazebo from the light blue to bold red. I just can't stop changing things!

Of course, the mummy is still around....

Until next year, everyone have a safe and happy Halloween!!!!