Christmas ThimbleWorld 2011

Well, it's that time of year again and Thimble World is in full swing with some new additions and old favorites revisited.

Following are closeups starting from left and going to right.

Big farm land  : )

Into the city.

Amusement Park

Train station and Christmas Village.

Rural looking into Christmas Village.

More rural with Santa Train on tracks.

Still more rural.

Coming to the end on right.

Long view from right.

So, let's take a look at some new things for 2011.  First is the sasquatch on the far left. I made that thimble and yes, he is well concealed.

I've added a new train.  It's pewter, from England, and all the pieces are actually thimbles.  Note the dots on the tops.  Also in the picture is the new clock "tower" I made.  Four clocks for maximum visibility. (LOL).

Next are a couple new pewter 3-D houses along with some old houses to create a unique, almost cul-de-sac type look.  Also, note that I have (new for this year) lamp posts.

The Amusement Park has some new additions as well.  Most noticeably is the Old Woman's Shoe.

I made some changes and added some new things for Christmas Village.  Along with new train track (thanks, Pam!) so I could put the trains out where they belong, I added new items to the village itself.  Note the elf, new houses, and outdoor fireplace.  There's more, but that's for you to investigate!

Last year, since I put the solar system (thanks, Sandie!) above Thimble World, I needed to include an Observatory.  My initial creation was a thimble domed with the observatory with a building made of cardboard next to it.  Needless to say, the cardboard building bothered me.  It needed to be a thimble!  So, that's what I did.  The building next to the observatory is now an actual thimble to match all the rest.

New animals are added this year.  Here's a new moose.

There are so many new things, I am still trying to remember them all.  Under the carnival sign, behind the "college" on the mountain top, is a secret building.

Of course, what world would be complete without a UFO?  And even better, an alien abduction for the holidays?  (Yes, I made this.)

So, that's it for this post of my Thimble World 2011.  Thanks for looking!!!


I started this blog mostly for my Christmas ThimbleWorld, but I when I realized that I was omitting another (and just as important) part of my world of thimbles, I decided to throw in some of the Halloween thimble decorations that I do.  So, here goes...

Welcome to Halloween ThimbleWorld!!!  I have a spooky tree in the middle covered inside and out with various thimbles.  Then there's the haunted house on the right with more thimbles inside and out. 

Then to the left is a new addition for 2011 which is a glass pumpkin filled with Haunted House thimbles--both manufactured and hand made (by me!).

I have thimbles involved in other displays as well.  In the picture below, the small tombstone in the center next to the casket (and in front of the phone) is a thimble I put together from a fingernail polish lid.

Also new for this year, I decided to add Linus and his infamous wait for the Great Pumpkin in the pumpkin patch.

Of course, lighting the decorations is as much fun as putting them together.

I guess I should say that decorating with thimbles is a de-light!  (Ha-ha).


Welcome to my world--my Thimble World!

In the beginning...

When I was a little girl, I grew up with my grandparents.  At Christmas, my grandmother had an entire town, farmland, and suburban area to set up under the tree.  One side would be a huge farm with cows, horses, pigs, sheep, chickens, roosters, and all kinds of farm equipment.  To the front would be a town.  She had street lights, houses, businesses, and cars.  There were skaters on a pond and carolers.  To the other side were homes set up like a suburban grid like we lived in.

I loved that thing and helping to put it together under the tree.  Later, I was awarded the role solely.  It was so exciting to not only put up the Christmas tree but to put out the village beneath it.

When my grandmother died, who knows who ended up with all of those treasured items.  I know it wasn’t me.  I missed the town at the holidays and as an adult, I wanted to have a village like that for under my own Christmas tree.

As it were, I was not a rich person, and as many of you may know, Christmas houses and buildings were and are quite spendy.  Therefore, I never had a village under my tree.  Oh, I had a few houses here and there, but nothing to come near the splendor of my grandmother’s village.

A few years ago, I was caught up in the buying on Ebay.  Since I am a thimble collector, I decided to one day type in “thimbles” in the search.  Lo and behold, I found thimbles of every sort, size, color, and design.  I was in thimble heaven.  I bought many beautiful thimbles through Ebay, but the most exciting and important find was to come.  Thimble houses.

I discovered house-shaped thimbles from Birchcroft China in England.  I had found a way to have my Christmas village!  As a thimble collector, this was the ultimate for me.  Although very reasonably priced, my funds were not big enough to buy everything, so I selected certain ones.  Back then, Birchcroft sold sets of them and I could buy 3 sets of house-shaped thimbles for the price of one regular Christmas house.

Thimble City was born December 2007!

As it was, I set up everything on a stand that we have.  It worked out perfectly, although a bit low.  We like to put our gifts under our tree, so a village under there would not work out so well.  I put a light-up plastic tree in the center of it all so I could have the feel.  It looked great, and I was happy with my Thimble City.  I had found a Christmas train to go along with a small train.  Neither of these are electric, but they are cute and fit in nicely.  I made railroad track out of popsicle sticks to go around the center lake and tree and throughout the scenery.  There is even a “bad side of town” with run-down buildings that I would later put on “the other side of the tracks.” 

It came to my attention by a fireman that although I had a Post Office, a police station, school, city hall, museum, a hospital and all the normal things for a city, I did not have a fire department.  I then had to look at what I had and choose a building that resembled a fire station and ordered it from Birchcroft.  When it came, I found a picture on the internet of a fire station, shrunk it down to the right size with Photoshop, and put it on the thimble.  Wha-la!

All was right in Thimble City.  At least for the time being...

The Next Year--2008

The next year, at little at a time, I bought the remaining thimbles from Birchcroft.  By that time, many of the original thimbles that had been there were gone.  In one final desperate buying spree, I bought all the ones I didn’t have yet--all at once.  Although it seemed like a lot, and the amount of “buildings” I received was enormous, it was still not extremely expensive.  By the  next Christmas, Thimble City experienced a population boom.  I not only had a city, but a countryside complete with farms and waterwheels.  I had an amusement park and a Santa/Christmas area.  With all the new additions, it occurred to me that this was no longer just a city, but it had grown into an entire county.

And then there was Thimble County.