New for 2012

I've made some new thimbles for in Thimble World this year.  Although I did buy some, house-shaped thimbles to add, I simply had to make some.  Along with my creations, I've purchased a lot of extras to help the World be more "realistic."  I've bought deer, buffalo, moose, elk, cows, horses, and an assortment of small animals.  I've bought more cars and trucks along with motorcycles, bicycles, and utility vehicles.  There will be a campground complete with many tents, bonfires, and I've even got travel trailers.  And, to top it all off, I've bought ATVs for the ground and a balloon and rocket for the air.

This has been a lot of work with some of these things and the micro-scale is very difficult for me to work with, but all-in-all, I love this thing I've created!  Take a look at the pictures of the new additions for 2012.

To start off, this is my version of a local eatery that went out of business.  I really liked this place and I thought a thimble version of it would go perfectly with the lakefront area of Thimble World.  This is the "Crab Shack."

Next, I made my own rendition of where I work.  After all, what world would be complete without a telecommunications company, right?  I even have the Z-scale radio tower to go along with it.  Of course, the tower will go on a mountain top.  I plan to add a company vehicle or two.

Here are the new travel trailers with new trucks, followed by a photo of the new ATVs.  Yes, I painted these.  They are actually pewter charms.  I intend to make at least two thimbles with the ATVs.  It's my hope that they turn out looking like ATVs going over dunes.  I'll post that outcome when I finish them.

As I said earlier, there are a lot more new items.  I'll be showing those with the Christmas Thimble World 2012.  That will be my gift to you.  In the mean time, I'll be posting any other new creations.  Leave comments if you like.