Spring 2016

I've created a new set up for Spring 2016. I bought flowering trees and flower hedges just for the occasion! So, along with some thimbles I already have, I came up with something beautiful to share.

The top is adorned with the Thimble Museum--ready for open for the year and fitting for Thimble World. I selected thimble houses that were springtime colors. Tucked into the corner is a yellow house with white picket fence. The Ivy House is covered in green. A motorcycle is ready for the first ride of the new year.

New trees and new flowering hedges gave me an idea. I had a pagoda thimble that looks lovely amid the flowers.

From the back, it looks just a pretty.

Some new small pagodas (not thimbles) I found while shopping. Perfect on the corner with a patch of green with flowers.

I chose thimble houses with lots of springtime green for the display.

My greenhouse is back, next to a thimble house with colorful blue shrubs. Even the neighbors behind have blue shrubs. (Must have got them at the greenhouse) The motorcycle is ready to go parked under a large green tree.

A lovely springtime yellow house set with lattice and a bicycle.

Everyone is eager to get out in Spring, and that includes the water. The tunnel and boat thimble are back along with some other sailors on the lake guarded by a Lenox lighthouse on the rock and sand beach.

On the other side of the display, nestled next to the rocks, is a thatch roof house.

Another new addition--a train station. Also, I'm using two trains to mix up the car colors a bit. Yellow and green make a nice mix for Spring.

I didn't forget to go 360. On the backside is The Round House. Yes, it is "duplicate" of the Thimble Museum, but it's ready for opening as well in Thimble World as the motorcycle out front shows.

Enjoy the warmth of Spring!