Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving decorations are a pleasant easiness between the two big holidays (for me, at least).  I did a few changes, mostly because of moving things around so I can claim my lost section of counter top. Monthly mini-Thimble World maintains the colonials and Indians theme with omissions and additions.

I decided to take out the larger totem pole and Indian chief to keep things in a closer perspective. Then, I threw in a big fire.  

I can't have the familiar train in the display (of course), so I found a covered wagon and team of horses to take its place.

I added a windmill next to the colonial barn.

 Nothing changed a lot, however. Still the lovely fuchsia tree blossoms in the center of "town" with the bench awaiting visitors, 

 To top it off, my handmade thimble of a scarecrow and tree on a "hill."

On the nook of my kitchen table is the usual pilgrim display.

Pilgrims and animals around the home.

Scarecrow next to small cornucopia. Lots of autumn warmth in this display. The little acorn out front is a thimble.

A trail of autumn leaves around my books.

More colonials and Indians on a larger scale.

The colonial farm with a log cabin far in the back.  Most of the critters are actually thimbles. The sheep are the ones that aren't.

The cute pilgrim children. The bucket of spilled milk and the new little churn are both "collector" thimbles.

Many little thimble animals surround the tree in the middle.

The adorable Indian children and their animals relax by a (lighted) fire pit in front of their teepee. The totem pole in the back is a stack of (totem) thimbles.  Believe it or not, I had to buy the totem from England.  It was not an item for sale in the U.S.

Anyone remember the table and chairs with a web tablecloth and crystal ball thimble from last month?  It's baaaaaaack!  Only (as a side note) this is what the table and chairs were originally made for. A Thanksgiving feast! And that turkey is a thimble! (I made the chairs from metal thimbles and buttons. The table base is a thimble made to look like a spoon of thread.)

And that turkey opens up to reveal the wishbone!  Anyone want to make a wish?

The tour is finished, so let's gather at the kitchen table for a