Well, it's time to change seasons.  May is full of little celebrations:  Cinco de Mayo, Mother's Day, Astronomy Day, Armed Forces Day, Victoria Day (in Canada), and Memorial Day, which kicks off the summer.  With all that, it is time to get Thimble World ready for some fun.  Introducing, SummerFunLand with 4-wheelers, campers, picnic tables, bonfires, and boating.  I included a thimble I made of the old Crab Shack from Stevenson, WA, complete with the picnic tables and umbrellas on the back patio.

I did some digging and found more summer fun things to include.  I added some 4-Wheel Drive trucks driving around the mountain.  The mountain climbers thimble is always on the mountain.
And I put in motorcycles, bicycles, convertibles, benches, tree houses, and there's even a sunbather on a ledge of the mountain.  Nothing says summer more than this!


Since I am also an astronomy buff, I have a special display for Astronomy Day.  Although it isn't technically part of SummerFunLand, it is next to it.  The house and observatory are actually charms and are VERY small.  The observatory is smaller around than a penny.  The dome was part of a light-up constellation map for the ceiling which doesn't work anymore.  But, it works great for this!

The observatory even opens up to reveal a telescope!

I hope everyone has a fun and safe summer!  Next month will be full of my handmade thimbles in a unique theme.  Check back next month!