Hello Spring!

After such a harsh winter here in the PNW, everyone eagerly awaited sunshine and warmer weather.  Although the warmth is slow to arrive, ThimbleWorld is now fully immersed!

Spring is showing its colors.  Green and flowers are everywhere!

Even a treehouse is ready for warmer weather!

Green surrounds the homes.

The greenhouse is prepared for spring along with the home next door.

Small Japanese buildings graced by colorful trees.

A towering Japanese pagoda surrounded by flowers and color-laden trees.  A boat embarks from a tunnel into the lake.

A lighthouse stands guard over the springtime boaters on the lake.

Lake-shore homes have a great view!

The train even sports springtime colors.

The Thimble Museum sits atop the hill awaiting the curious tourists.

Another tourist curiosity, The Round House, is just outside the village.

A colorful home snuggled away from the village.

The top is down on the car leaving the plantation outside the village.

A long arch of trees line the driveway to the plantation house.

Hello Spring!

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