Month of UFOs!

June, the month for UFOs in ThimbleWorld!  This display is one of my favorites.

As always, at the top is the world-renowned Kenneth Arnold sighting that started it all.  Nine UFOs surround Mt. Rainier on June 24, 1947.  Hiding in the back is an alien in his craft ready to join.

What would UFO month be without War of the Worlds?  My rendition mimics that of the version with Tom Cruise, which released June 29, 2005.  Wait, what??? 2005??? It's been THAT long???

A crashed UFO amid the trees.

What's this? The Devil's Tower? Ring any bells?

A UFO behind Devil's Tower.  Remember Close Encounters of the Third Kind?

Making a "splash" is a USO....Unidentified Submerged Object.

My first UFO thimble...taking off.  And, surrounding it in the "forest" are 2 thimbles of Bigfoot.

So many UFOs visit ThimbleWorld...In the foreground is my version of the one from The Fourth Kind. In the back is the giant V reported in Phoenix, AZ, March, 13, 1997.

Look close! Someone is being abducted right out their window!

This poor lady is being escorted by two aliens to their waiting ship.

The train is hauling a UFO...probably to a military base.  In the rocks above the train sits a crashed UFO. To the left, a UFO speeds in to investigate.

And, off to the side, is the observatory covered by a dome of the constellations.  A sci-fi rocket zooms off to Saturn.

Without the constellation dome, it's easier to see the observatory on the "hill" above the house.

Wait, what's this?  Yes, there is a telescope inside that observatory!

I so enjoy my world of unidentified flying ships.  I have a plan for something new--a UFO I actually saw when I was five.  My fingers are crossed it turns out great.

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